Brawl Stars Official Game Apk Download for Android & IOS


The success of video games is something undoubted. An industry that moves more money than music or film does not go unnoticed. And focusing on mobile phones we have seen how many titles have reached levels of popularity that even classic proposals of consoles or PC had achieved.

Keeping this in mind in Supercell have launched to create a new game, an heir to the more than known Clash Royale. Well, a spiritual heir because the game is not that it’s a second part of that precisely.
A 3-on-3 Shooter:

In Brawl Stars we will have to fight in teams of three against other teams to win in each game. For this we will have different characters each of whom will have different abilities.

The main idea is to get 10 crystals in each game. And retain them. The first team to make it will be the winner of that game. At the top you have the counters of each team to, at a glance, know how each encounter is going.

Brawl Stars is the new game from the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale This game will be free and you can easily get Brawl Stars Apk Download file when it lands to Google play store and you will have purchases inside the application, what we could expect of a game of this size released today.

It can be downloaded soon for iPhone in Canada and in a few months will be available worldwide on both iOS and Android. Brawl Stars has aroused so much interest that they are appearing multitude of malicious Apks. Do not install any: the game is not yet available on Android.

In this video of presentation (in English although with subtitles) you can see more details of the game. Yes, patience because it is more than an hour in which they explain many things besides watching how the game unfolds.


Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is a game developed by Konami based on the original series of Yu-Gi-Oh. Konami also made the mobile application based on dueling against people, bosses and NPCs.

In each application, you will find different levels for each character you play. You play so many characters from the original series, and anyone can reach a maximum of 30 years with your chosen character, you start to go into the world’s screens Duel with each of the following phases Ulase as different and harder to NPC and Boss as it evolves.

To complete each phase, the goal is simple, it is necessary to complete the challenges for each phase, and once these challenges have been achieved, you will receive rewards. The most important aspect is the main focus, and of course the cards.

There is a store in the game that allows you to buy 3 cards in a suit, and buy packages that have gems rewarded to purchase packages. Gemstones are easy to collect, but do not do it in large quantities, which means you will be hard at collecting jewelry. A YuGiOh Duel Links hack game costs 50 gems, and these cards may have a neutral card, a rare card, a rare or very rare super card. Of course, cards, rare, more to your advantage, if used well in a game.

You have three types of cards. Samples, spells and traps. Sometimes monsters make their power, making them stronger and allowing them to make great moves. To send a card back to the hand of an opponent as an example. Magic Card helps you in many cases, and can be a lifeguard. One of the cards, Fusion card, bring a sample on the field, there is also a card that allows you to damage points to the opponents. Finally, use the cards to defeat the opponent with cards that make you shoot things like taking a map of the stack or area.

You get points given to your character, and it is very important to keep an eye on these because they act as your health. When it reaches 0 you lose. Fortunately, a variety of decking and customization of your tires are available, and you can take tests to earn their gems to paint these parcels and get your hands in shape better.

My experience with this game was fantastic. I was about not understanding a small game when I took it to find me to have a taste for the game and to be more aware of the cards and understanding of the methods.

There is a couple of matchmaking system with other players of your skills because it is the base of incredible skills that ensures that the rally takes place flat. While it’s okay, sometimes a good chance of making or breaking a game. I notice I’m turning a bridge with a few high-level monsters, he can not escape this game today, but there were moments that I’m overwhelmed by the opposition because of not getting the cards I need . I find gems Collection is a gravel, and it will take two or three levels and maybe even take tests for themselves to buy one, a system that I like to suffer. For such a system, I get benchmarks for how many packages I can pay and how long ago and so on and so on.

Duplication NPCs and boss will be easy at first, but get harder as time progresses and improve the tire in time so you feel overwhelmed as if they had won the game but if you’re lucky you’ll be back and ready to win to slide. When I open the packages in the game, I feel like I’m open because the package takes the phone and it’s just like with a general card game; Something I think is amazing.

Another big advantage is that this is not a charger! I noticed that I’m sitting and playing for hours without worrying about the battery. Normally I’m not worried because the fight is very intense and can be very funny and moving because they do not know the next step and which card they should know, do not know if it will do well or just down to your judgment.

This is definitely a mobile game that I guess you try is available on iOS and Android.