Iron Marines available for Android and iOS

Iron Marines is the new mobile game  available for Android and iOS by Ironhide Game Studio , A software house known for the Kingdom Rush saga . Unlike previous jobs, though, the new title has a different gameplay, as it is a real-time spatial strategy.

Among the hordes of bad enemies and creatures with a little reassuring looks, the Iron Marines space odyssey will lead us to discover new unknown planets, in which we will have to defend our bases and destroy our opponents using powerful weapons and powerful heroes .

  • Guide your troops into 14 country missions in two different worlds. Prepare for powerful attacks, keep your position, save civilians, supercomputer manometti and act as a real hero. Each mission requires a tactical approach and different actions to win the victory. Have I talked to you about the tentacles of bizarre underwater creatures that you will face?
  • Test your cunning in 10 special operations with special combat rules and no pity. Each level will be a challenge to remember … and scars will help you. We challenge you.
  • Unlocks the Impossible Mode. Only for the most intrepid and reckless. We are still challenging you.
  • Defeat strong and unique bosses in epic battles. They are evil, really huge and determined to break. Get ready, sea!
  • More than 40 enhancements to improve your strategy and strengthen units with defensive drones, napalm missiles, bouncing explosions, and much more.
  • 9 heroes with exceptional powers to your orders. Traineate to the maximum of their potential or import at your own risk and danger.
  • 8 special weapons to trigger hell against enemies and give more depth to your tactics. What’s better than a missile placed at the right point? An orbital attack with 50 highly explosive missiles!
  • Complete over 50 goals and earn your well-earned reward.
  • Find the challenge best suited to you by choosing the difficulty level: Easy, Normal or Veteran. Do not give all those arias! Indeed, DOWN! It all depends on you!

Are you ready to throw you in the melee to protect the galaxy? Then you just have to download the Iron Marines APK game from the badges you find down. Iron Marines has a price of € 4.99 on Android and € 5.49 on iOS, but also contains optional in-app purchases .

Iron Marines – Trailer

Brawl Stars Official Game Apk Download for Android & IOS


The success of video games is something undoubted. An industry that moves more money than music or film does not go unnoticed. And focusing on mobile phones we have seen how many titles have reached levels of popularity that even classic proposals of consoles or PC had achieved.

Keeping this in mind in Supercell have launched to create a new game, an heir to the more than known Clash Royale. Well, a spiritual heir because the game is not that it’s a second part of that precisely.
A 3-on-3 Shooter:

In Brawl Stars we will have to fight in teams of three against other teams to win in each game. For this we will have different characters each of whom will have different abilities.

The main idea is to get 10 crystals in each game. And retain them. The first team to make it will be the winner of that game. At the top you have the counters of each team to, at a glance, know how each encounter is going.

Brawl Stars is the new game from the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale This game will be free and you can easily get Brawl Stars Apk Download file when it lands to Google play store and you will have purchases inside the application, what we could expect of a game of this size released today.

It can be downloaded soon for iPhone in Canada and in a few months will be available worldwide on both iOS and Android. Brawl Stars has aroused so much interest that they are appearing multitude of malicious Apks. Do not install any: the game is not yet available on Android.

In this video of presentation (in English although with subtitles) you can see more details of the game. Yes, patience because it is more than an hour in which they explain many things besides watching how the game unfolds.