The Development of Star Wars Fantasy Art

The Development of Star Wars Fantasy Art

Dream art, where Dragons and Orcs roam forgotten lands has been with us since well before Tolkien introduced us to Bilbo Baggins the hobbit. Aliens in all sizes and shapes were strolling our creativity long previously Giger introduced his Alien right into our problems, however recent years has seen fantasy and sci-fi art be accepted in mainstream society and no film that falls into this classification can be a success today without the visual special effects, art and creative imagination that many of most talented dream artist can bring us today.

With the growth of the internet, along with the surge in the video games industry, both off and online, and more training art publications being released by business like Effect publications, dream art has been pushed to mainstream approval and evolved into many fresh types, however all rooted in creativity and creative ability. I just must believe how far things had actually come when I reflect when I stood in the rainfall to queue and saw the initial Star Wars movie. Modern technology has actually proceeded and the dream art I knew as a pupil has been brought to life in an age of technology that, like the dream art subject matter, appears to have no limits.

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As a learner and budding musician, Star Wars Art was significantly a specialist method to take and many a lecturer would certainly reject such art/ image as a wild-goose chase. Today we see dream art in all strolls of our daily life. From online games where you combat aliens a billion miles from house to the current house appliances advertised by Star Wars icons C3PO and R2DT. All began as ideas, art and a passionate musician illustration and designing things of imagination.

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Online galleries showed us the updated and established fantasy artists and the work they have developed. These and many more started as suggestions, illustrations and artwork with dream artist and writers. Like the fantasy artwork which has no boundaries it appears that the growth of illusion art has itself, no limitations, as Star Wars Art movies receive more spectacular, video games have further imaginative and posting by artisans and writers becomes better extensive with the continued development of the net.

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